Better ideas. Better outcomes.

Impact Statement 2017


Every day that we come to work at Spectrum Health and open our doors to the public, we are reminded of the reason we exist: to serve you, our community. It is our honor and privilege to do so.

A health care institution like Spectrum Health thrives through its relationship with our community, beginning with our patients and their families; with local businesses, social service agencies, and civic and government organizations across the region; and with the people who work alongside us within the system.

Our annual impact report tells the stories of our ongoing engagement with our community. The mission of Spectrum Health is “to improve the health of the communities we serve,” and we do that by listening to you, your needs, your suggestions and your ideas.

What we learn from you becomes the fountainhead for solutions, improving the lives of everyone with whom we share this community. Take a moment to read the stories in these pages—about the 3-D printing of anatomically accurate models, the thermal bra that gives warmth and comfort to breast cancer survivors, the stent device that keeps newborn hearts beating and others. Read about the awards won by young entrepreneurs and students collaborating with our Spectrum Health Innovations team to bring creative solutions to production. Read and be inspired. We are.

What we do, we do because of you and for you—our community. Together, we are changing the future of health care.

Steven Heacock, JD, CPA
President Spectrum Health Innovations
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs/Research, Spectrum Health System

Steven Heacock