Better ideas. Better outcomes.

Impact Statement 2018

Our Team

Spectrum Health Innovations team

L To R: Mike Czechowskyj, Kris Emery, Scott Daigger, Brent Mulder, PhD, Jessica Patterson, Anthony Lazzaro, Lori Henry, Eric Van Middendorp, Andrew Heuerman

Thank You

With each and every story in our annual impact report, there is one bright thread that runs throughout this entire tapestry—you. The health care staff of Spectrum Health originates the ideas that are then brought to us, but without our innovators and board members, those ideas might never come to fruition.


Our Spectrum Health Innovations board and committee provide the resources we need to begin work on these ideas. Our innovators bring their creativity, their dedication and their expertise to give ideas their shape and develop prototypes, products or services that make a real impact on the quality of health care we provide to our community.


You will find our innovators among Spectrum Health employees, and the professors and students of West Michigan. While teaching the youth in our community to take on leadership roles in health care entrepreneurship, we are all reaching our goal together—to improve the comfort and well-being of our patients and their families.


Visit to learn more about the latest developments at Spectrum Health Innovations. Spectrum Health employees can submit their ideas on the website, by contacting Spectrum Health Innovations at or by calling 616.391.4332.